Friday, January 13, 2012

"Called to Rest"

"Called to Rest"

"I have never called you to become an eagle—
instead I have simply called you to
wait on Me,
trust in Me,
and rest on Me.

"You have read that those who wait on Me
will rise up with wings like eagles,
run and not grow weary,
walk and not be faint.

"But you have not felt renewed,
and you have not felt strong.
You have tried to 'fly'
and tried to stay positive,
quoting My words while you felt 'grounded'.
You believed,
you tried,
but you just couldn't 'soar'...

"Because I never called you to soar!
I only called you to rest in Me.

"I am the One who will carry you.
I am the One who renews.
I am the One who is strong,
and I am strong in your weakness."


Art: "I AM"

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