Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"In Faith, See!"

"In Faith, See!"

"I know how much you struggle,
how much you are trying to be like Me,
and how little progress you see in yourself.

"I know how far you feel from Me,
how guilty you feel because of it,
and how much you blame yourself.

"I know how much you long to have rest and to hear My voice,
but the only voice you hear reprimands you for not being better
and for not having a 'Christlike'-enough character.

"That is not My voice! I am He who saves you!
I know you can't see Me, but I want you to trust Me:
I never asked you to measure yourself against Me.

"Look up! Your expectations are not My expectations!
I am not who your church has told you I am,
and I do not expect what they told you I expect.

"Look in faith to Me, and I will set you free.
In your eyes you can only see darkness,
but listen to My Word and look through My eyes instead!"

"You have stolen My heart with one glance of your eyes...
How delightful is your love...!
How much more pleasing is your love than wine!"

- Song of Songs 4:9-10


Art: "Peace in Difficulty"

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  1. Jesus not only hold your times in His hands. He holds your heart. Since Jesus is love Himself your your is safe, nurtured and enlarged as He draws your heart into His. This is the place he has prepared for you to live in TODAY! You are already there.