Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Walking In Sabbath-Rest"

"Walking In Sabbath-Rest"

"I am the good Shepherd! I lead My children without fear,
not with frowns, but with My love and peace.
My sheep rest in Me because I give them salvation—
no one can snatch them out of My hand!
I bring My children a sure hope that does not disappoint,
for in Me they have already crossed from death to life
and will not come into judgment.
My children have laid down their works, their burdens,
and walk with Me daily in Sabbath-rest
as My children went through the fields in the year of Jubilee.

"You cannot follow Me until you first rest in Me.
If you try to mimic My works and My ways,
you will find yourselves lost in the wilderness, worn out with weariness.
If you do not rest from your works in Me,
the 'yoke' that you pick up will not be My yoke,
for My yoke begins and ends in My rest.

"Come, rest in Me! Lay down your works!
My yoke is not what you think it is!
Learn all over again, from the beginning.
Rest in Me, and I will lead you in paths of peace,
in un-interrupted Sabbath-rest for your soul."


Art: "Shepherd"

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