Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Beyond You"

"Beyond You"

"I am the fire that you do not know,
beyond your reasoning and understanding.
I am the Spirit—I am He who births spirit in you,
and I am the One who testifies to whom you belong.

"You are created to be filled with My light,
but you cannot understand Me until you rest.
As long as you embrace your works to earn My approval,
you will not know the power of who I am.
Until you rest in Jesus you will not understand
the freedom of My sanctification
and the joy of My presence.

"Rest in Jesus!
Rest in the work He fully accomplished for you
instead of in the works you try to offer Him.
Rest from striving to clean up your mess,
for that is My job—not yours!
Lay down and know that He has taken your burdens.
Rest in His perfection and resurrection
instead of in your own transformation.
Believe He is your Sabbath-rest,
and I will bring you peace that cannot be extinguished."


Art link:
"He Will Baptize You With the Holy Spirit and Fire"

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