Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Held By Trustworthy Hands"

"Held By Trustworthy Hands"

"My child, I know that you want to give Me all of yourself. I know you want to surrender to Me completely and give me your whole heart. I know that you try. I know you are trying, and I know how far you feel. I know how far you feel from Me, and I know how frustrated you feel because you think you should be able to try harder to be close to Me.

"My child, trust in My hold on you instead of your hold on Me. I am stronger than you are. I will not let you fall. I hold you close to Me, and I bring you closer to Me. Rest here in My arms. There is nothing better that you can do than to rest in Me and trust in My hold on you. You don't need to try to get closer to Me; you need to rest and know that I already am close to you.

"In the same way, give Me your heart and leave it in My hands. You can give Me only so much of your heart. You are not able to surrender it fully. Only I can do that for you, and it is My job, not yours. As long as you focus on the degree or 'success' of your own surrender, you will feel far from Me and worry about falling to the ground. Choose to rest in Me instead."


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